Perfection over the illusion, Part 1

Experience your life through the eyes, heart and light of your soul and not in the shadows of your ego. Become a master of your life.

In this series of five blog posts, I will explore the concept that “we shape and create our reality and experiences by the thoughts we focus on.” As well, I will give advice on how to master the thoughts that we have and thus create the life we want.

Usually we are quite unaware of the predominant thoughts we have. Also, we usually are unaware of the worldview and general belief systems we hold.

Most people, without questioning, just follow the dominant thought patterns and worldview of their culture, country, or family. There is little reflection about the beliefs they hold or the way they look at themselves and others. 

Their worldview has been passed down for generations or it is a mish-mash of corporate-fed faux “facts” that are often very disconnected from reality and are really just selling something. Unfortunately, most people just follow along, never questioning the dominant cultural beliefs, their lives, their own beliefs, or themselves.

But as Socrates said: “The life unexamined is not worth living.”

It is a struggle and challenge to rise above the lowest-common-denominator thinking that is so dominant in our culture. As well, it is not easy for most people to see how much their thoughts affect their reality; and, as well, they don’t see that the way their ego or “little self” interprets events in their lives is rarely how their Soul interprets them.

Our ego mind is meant to be the servant of our Soul and not the other way around. Our Soul is meant to be in the driver’s seat of our lives, for it sees the whole picture and understands the context and purpose for all that we experience. We are meant to live a life filled with inspiration and revelation, not one filled with perspiration and frustration.

Learning how to get out of your head/mind and live instead from your heart and soul can be a challenge. I have found that living an authentic and empowered life can never be achieved if I solely identify myself with my ego and with the “things” in my life. I must instead come to know my Self, that is, my higher Self; then I can live an empowered and passionate life that springs forth from the depths of my Soul and heart and is filled with life-sustaining, creative, vibrant energies.

There is a great depth and breadth to this “gift of life” that we have all been blessed with and it is only through mastering our minds and opening our hearts that we can access a fulfilled, authentic, and empowered life.

In Parts 2 through 5, I’ll share a series of techniques I have learned to master my own mind. By learning to master my mind I have begun to live as an empowered, authentic person and not as a victim. I trust that you will find these techniques and the reflections about them of value on your path up the mountain of your own Self-Mastery.

This is part 1 of a five-part blog.

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