Live a Spiritually Awakened and Compassionately, Engaged Life

12247176_10206324232319297_4142096192976895333_n (1)Over my many years of exploring my inner and outer terrains, I have been blessed to have many profound experiences. In the late 80’s while in meditation I experienced a huge shift in my awareness and very viscerally experienced a sense of total unity with All That Is. Not only did I feel a unitive consciousness, but, as well, and even more importantly, I felt that I was being held in a deep, profound, all consuming “Embrace” of compassionate Love.  I was truly overwhelmed. I was filled to overflowing.

As a result, I decided that I wanted not only to further explore and deepen this experience for myself, but even more importantly I wanted to help others find it for themselves.  So, I created numerous programs, techniques and books over the years to facilitate this intention to help others find what I have come to call “The Embrace.”  These can be found at the links above.

Over time, as was the case for many others, there was also an impulse growing in me that a transformative, worldwide evolutionary leap was in the process of birthing and I wanted somehow to find a way to join with others to help facilitate that shift in global consciousness. Grounded in “The Embrace,” I wanted to find the best avenue within which to take “Right Action” in the world to help both the planet and its peoples heal. As well, I wanted to share what I found with others.

This intention has recently led me to work directly with the “Interspirituality Network”, the “From Self-Care to Earth-Care” and the “Community of the Mystic Heart” programs. See links above for more information on these visionary, transformational programs.

As well, I am now centrally involved in a couple of other Inter-spiritual projects which can all be seen under the link above “The Road to 2020.”  We are planning major Interspiritual, Music and Cultural Festivals around the world: Crestone, Colorado; Ethiopia: Jerusalem: India–4 of them; and numerous ones in the United States in 2020 culminating in a 100,000 people plus concert in New York City’s Central Park on September 21, 2020–the U.N. International Day of Peace. Plus we are sponsoring  spiritual immersion journeys to India.  The first India Mystic Express is in March of 2017: http://worldweavers.com/mystic-express  Also, we are launching an online education platform called the Convergence Academy http://1god.academy/ plus there is even more……

So, on this site you will find resources that I have personally created to help you in your spiritual awakening and deepening. As well, I am gathering information about many other people and organizations that are out in the world now promoting a vision of Interspiritual and Eco-spiritual cooperation that can lead to a world of peace and shared prosperity.

I invite you to explore all the resources that are on this site that can truly help you to “Live a Spiritually Awakened and a Compassionately Engaged Life.”

I encourage you (1) to “Awaken” within; (2) to “Grow Up” and mature spiritually and psychologically; and (3) on that foundation to take the “Right Action(s)” in the world that will truly bring Peace within you and also bring Peace on Earth

Feel free to explore the site and all the links.  And, if you have any questions, please send them my way.

Pax et Bonum!

In the “Embrace,”


I find myself in the Void,
but the Void is totally saturated with Love.
Bede Griffiths

Love is the Essence of God/Goddess;
Consciousness/Mind is the matrix
Yanni Maniates

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