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Abundance 2

Please find below a growing alphabetical list of teachers and organizations that regularly provide Interspiritual related resources and programs. Please click on these links to their websites for up-to-date information about their resources, events and programs.

Adam Bucko and Rory McEntee

Aspen– Aspen Chapel website event info

Ashok Gangadean and Awakened Mind

Boulder (Starhouse, Light on Kundalini)

Community of The Mystic Heart (general)

Community of The Mystic Heart (sannyas)

Carbondale– Davi Nikent Center website event info

Diane Berke, One Spirit Learning Alliance

Doug King and Mike Morrell

Denver (Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality

Edward Bastian, Spiritual Paths Foundation

Gender Reconciliation International

Interspirituality Network

Jeffrey Genung and Contemplative Life

Kurt Johnson and Namaste Publishing


Lauren Van Ham, Chaplaincy Institute

Mirabai Starr

Philip Goldberg

Rami Shapiro

Swami Shraddhananda (Sonya Jones)

Subtle Realm Activism Circle

Will Keepin and Cynthia Brix

2015 “From Self Care to Earth Care” Event

Watch the Living From The Inside Out Flash Movie

Click on the pictures below to watch this inspiring 3 minute movie.

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  • flash_img2.png
  • flash_img3.png

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