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I have been teaching Meditation and Intuitive Development for over 25 years now and have written six books on Meditation and Intuition.  They were all written to help you to learn how to “Quiet Your Mind and Open Your Heart” so that you can find the true place of Peace within you and live a conscious, intentional, love-filled life.

See below for brief descriptions of the books and links to Amazon where you can find out more about them and purchase them, if you wish.


Meditation: The Art of Practicing PeaceMeditation: The Art of Practicing Peace

Meditation: The Art of Practicing Peace is an exceptional guidebook for those wishing to learn how to develop and maintain a relaxing, rejuvenating Meditation practice and use it to help themselves to live a more productive, inspired, enjoyable life — a life that is filled with Inner Peace, Calm, Emotional Well-Being, Happiness and a lot less Stress.

An Indispensable Tool for Life

For more information and to purchase, go to Amazon here:http://amzn.to/NWy6gQ


When You Remember Who You Are; You Forget Who You Weren'tWhen You Remember Who You Are; You Forget Who You Weren’t: Words of Inspiration and Embrace

When You Remember Who You Are, You Forget Who You Weren’t is the harvest of 25 years of teaching and a lifetime of experience. It is an inspired and inspirational book of quotations that will help you to discover who you really ARE and why you are here.

For more information and to purchase, go to Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1hDj958


How to Use Your Intuition To Find Your Purpose In LifeHow to Use Your Intuition To Find Your Purpose In Life: Joyfully Live On Purpose and In Passion

How open are you to your Intuition? — to those hunches, those “knowings” that nudge you to go in a direction that may not at first make sense — but later you realize was total genius!?

It may apply in business, where to live, romance, money, health — you name it. If you’re not using your Intuition yet, you’re missing out on a lot of what life has to offer you — because you’re too busy trying to control and direct everything. Instead — please, please — let the magic of Intuition dance with your Soul so that you can live a much fuller, more extraordinary and much more creative life!

How to Use Your Intuition to Find Your Purpose in Life will expertly and gently guide you to live your life “on Purpose” and “in Passion.”

For more information and to purchase, go to Amazon here: http://amzn.to/Nv6NeB


The HeArt of MeditationThe HeArt of Meditation: Quiet Your Mind and Open Your Heart

Over the years Yanni has found that Meditation is not just a technique for physiological relaxation, though it certainly is enormously helpful and valuable in this regard. Meditation actually is an all-encompassing, transformative “life skill” that significantly helps one to successfully navigate the “opportunities” and “challenges” we all get to encounter on this journey called “Life.” Yanni believes that Meditation is the most important “life skill” we can learn, but, unfortunately, it is one that is taught to few.

In The HeArt of Meditation Yanni explores with you what the “Essence” or the “HeArt” of Meditation is and how to access the profound state of Peace that is at your core. You will learn how to physiologically relax, but most importantly you will learn how to bring the “Peace that knows no end” into the fabric of your daily activities and into all aspects of your life.

For more information and to purchase, go to Amazon here: http://amzn.to/SAixOI


Magical Keys to Self-Mastery: Creating Miracles in Your LifeMagical Keys to Self-Mastery: Creating Miracles in Your Life

Become the “master” of your thoughts, your emotions and your life instead of the “victim” of circumstances.

Magical Keys to Self-Mastery will open the doors to a totally new and different perspective on life for you and will provide you with the essential tools to radically transform and improve what you experience daily.

Award-winning, Amazon/Kindle #1 Bestselling book on Meditation

For more information and to purchase, go to Amazon here:  http://amzn.to/NaXfrz

For information on the Magical Keys to Self Mastery audio and book package, please go to: http://www.magicalkeystoselfmastery.com/


Intuition is Easy and FunIntuition is Easy and Fun: The Art and Practice of Developing Your Natural Born Gift of Intuition

Enjoy an entertaining and lively conversation between Yanni Maniates, gifted author and teacher of intuitive development and Susan Barbara Apollon, author and intuitive psychologist who practices the art of intuition with her patients. This fascinating discussion centers on when, where and how to make the most of your intuition – a powerful gift with which you were born. By the time you finish Intuition is Easy and Fun, you will not only have tools and techniques to develop your intuitive wisdom, but also a deeper awareness of how empowering this can be in both your daily and spiritual life.

For more information and to purchase the paperback version, go to Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1P6gq3K

To purchase the eBook version for $6.95, or the audio book version for $12.95 please email me at: yanni.maniates@verizon.net

For information on the Intuition is Easy and Fun audio and book package, please go to: http://www.intuitioniseasyandfun.com/


Lastly, you can see all of the books I have written by going to my Author’s page at Amazon at this link:  http://amzn.to/Nv7018

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