The Road to 2020



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Road to 2020 Launch Event

October 28, 2016
Road to 2020 Launch Event

The Road to 2020 launches with an event at the United Nations Chapel in NYC on 28 Oct. 2016, to celebrate the UN Week of Spirituality.

The Convergence

November 3, 2016
The Convergence

Beginning 3 Nov. 2016, on, The Convergence is a 13 episode radio series with host Kurt Johnson which explores Uniting the Tribes in the Interspiritual Age.

U DAY II: Ethiopia

1 Feb, 2017

U DAY II Land of Origins has been postponed due to the state of emergency imposed on the country by the Ethiopian Government in early October, 2016. Our plan now is for February 2018. Please see the U DAY website for more information.

Convergence Academy

March, 2017
1GOD Education Platform will be launching its online education platform in March, 2017 with a flagship course, Interspiritual Mastery.


India Mystic Express

March, 2017
Mystic Express

World Weavers will launch the pilot Mystic Express program in India, in March, 2017. See the World Weavers website for more information


Mungo Man Festival

November, 2017
Mungo Man Festival

Sacred Australia will celebrate the return of Mungo Man with a Festival to be held in November, 2017. See the Sacred Australia Website for more information.


U DAY III: Jerusalem

February, 2018

U DAY III: 1GOD, 1City, will take place in Jerusalem in February, 2018.

U DAY IV: India

February, 2019
U DAY Festival IV

U DAY IV: Land of Spirit will take place in India, in February, 2019

U DAY V: Uluru

February, 2020
U DAY Festival V

U DAY V: 1 Earth, 1 People will take place at Uluru, in Australia in February, 2020.

U DAY VI: Road Show Across America

21 August, 2020
U DAY Festival VI

U DAY VI in Los Angeles on 21 August, 2020, will also launch the month-long Roadshow Across America which will culminate in New York City.


21 September, 2020
U DAY Festival VII

U DAY VII will take place in Central Park, NYC to coincide with the International Day of Peace.

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