From Self-Care to Earth Care

Compassionate Action

There are a lot of really good people
doing really great things in our world today.
How can you add to it?

I Am a Master AlchemistThere is a movement afoot that is bringing together people who are dynamically involved in the interspiritual, eco-spiritual, sustainability and other transformative activities. Not only are they talking, they are also “doing.”  They are coming together with their “heads, hearts and hands” to envision and bring into fruition programs, events and initiatives of deep, personal “self-care” as well as compassionate service to others and the planet.

Programs for personal “self-care” and programs for local, regional and global “earth-care” are being created, shared and put into practice and action.  The “self-care” programs are helping individuals find the “Ground of their Being” and from that place of centeredness people are supported to discover what “Right Action(s)” they can take to provide sacred and soul-aligned service to the world.

As well, the “earth-care” programs deepen one’s understanding and commitment to protect, promote, and respect the earth and its delicate balance, and they teach how to live within its bounds and bounty.

Participating constituencies and sectors include: Faith, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual, Integral, Health, Healing, Environmental, Ecological, Indigenous Peoples and Their Wisdom, Science, Sustainability, Social Justice, Sustainable Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Green Business, Public Policy, and the Arts Communities.

So, as you can see:

There are a lot of really good people
doing really great things in our world today.
How can you add to it?

If you want to know how, go to:

There you can find out more about what this vision is all about and some of the activities that are forming around it.

As well, see the “Features” article that my good friend and colleague, Dr. Kurt Johnson and I wrote on the “From Self-Care to Earth-Care” website entitled: “From Self-Care to Earth-Care: Some Benchmarks of History, Pioneers, and a Future Vision.”!features—-/c8lz

When you get to this page, on the top right hand corner of the page you will see a Table of Contents. Click on the link entitled: “Yanni Maniates and Kurt Johnson Feature.”

Or you can read the article on this site at:

Lastly, Kurt and I are editors of the Newsletter: The Eco-Activist: Eco-Spirituality and Eco-Ministries.  To read the current issue go to:

“Spirituality, finally, is awareness and sensitivity, and sensitivity is itself awareness-in-action. It is this quality that we most require in our time and in the ages to come, but it is a quality refined only in the mystic heart, in the steady cultivation of compassion and love that risks all for the sake of others. It is these resources that we desperately need as we build the civilization with a heart, a universal society capable of embracing all that is, putting it to service in the transformation of the world.

Br. Wayne Teasdale, Mystic Heart, p. 249-50

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