Perfection over the illusion, Part 2

Master your mind, master your life

This is part 2 of a five-part blog. If you haven’t already, please go back and read part 1.

So, let’s begin with the following questions:

  • What creates your reality?
  • What creates your experiences?
  • Who or what gives them meaning?

Answer: You and only you do! If you resolve to have a different reality, you will experience a different reality.

So, how do you resolve to have a different reality? 

You do so by observing the thoughts and understandings you have about yourself, your life, and your experiences and then you consciously and intentionally choose thoughts and interpretations that place everything in the best light. You seek to see the highest good in every situation. You seek to see yourself and the events in your life from a God/Goddess perspective.

As well, you very carefully, lovingly, and honestly observe what your beliefs about life are and what you expect from life. And if any of that is anything less than what you ideally want, you change it.

In other words, get quiet for a minute or so now and sincerely ask yourself: Is the Universe a friendly and supportive place or a neutral and heartless one, or is it “out to get me?”  What do you really believe?  

This is really worth taking a few minutes to sit quietly with and meditate on. It can and will make a world of a difference for you if you honestly and lovingly look at what you feel. So, please do so before reading on.

Your underlying core belief about what kind of a Universe you live in has a huge impact on what you experience in your life. Usually this question is unexamined, but I can assure you that it is extremely important to consider.

Over the years I have come up with numerous phrases, thoughts, and understandings that have helped me to raise my thoughts/energies around everything that happens in my life. They have a world of a difference in my experience.

What I would like to do now is share some of these with you. These are ways I use to see the highest good in all situations and to do my best to see everything from a divine perspective.

You and only you get to give meaning or an interpretation to the experiences you have. What someone else thinks or believes about your experiences or about you doesn’t matter at all. All that matters is what you think or believe about yourself or your experiences. 

And, yes, you get to choose how to “see” the things that happen in your life. For myself, knowing that I get to choose how I interpret events is one of the most important lessons I have learned. Because of this awareness I have created a great deal of peace, joy, and empowerment in my life.

In my next blog post, Part 3, I will share a number of the phrases, thoughts, and understandings I have used over the years. I will also offer some commentary on what they mean to me and how I use them.

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