The spider, my master teacher, Part 1

Dreaming, weaving and embodying a whole new web of life in the age of Covid-19 amid sweeping social, economic, and political transformation.

“…his body will cast no shadow on the ground for he will have awakened the sun within him.”—The Way of the Essenes

Until you have taken the time to look within, you are literally in the dark about yourself.

The time has come for us to no longer live in the shadows of our ego, but instead in the brilliant light of our soul. What we thought was real, was actually just a fleeting specter. For we have now learned to shine our light and see through the illusions and into the essence of our being and into each other’s brilliance.

For as long as I can remember I have put a glass of water on my night table when I go to sleep just in case I need to take an herbal sleep aide if I feel agitated before going to bed or if I wake up feeling hyper in the middle of the night. A few mornings ago, upon awakening, I found a spider in my water. That was quite the surprise to say the least. As I carefully got the spider out of the water and put him outside and he ran off into our back yard, I knew I should take the time to meditate and read up on the “medicine” and metaphysical meaning of the spider. So, later that morning I did.

“Why would a spider risk its life to get my attention?” I asked. I felt there was something very important that I needed to know.

What came to me quite spontaneously while meditating was that the spider wanted me to understand that just as it was for him, so it was for me—that the web of dreams I had been weaving for so many years had to be torn away from me and new dreams needed to be woven. Actually, on all levels, a radically new reboot, a new life’s vision, was essential. The old web had gotten cluttered and muddied with longstanding debris, blind spots, and worn out dreams and thus had created a dense cloud of “things to do, people to see, and places to go,” with no real overarching coherence or sense of connection.

Of course, we are all experiencing something like this now as a result of Covid-19 and the coming to a head of so many years of social, political, and economic inequality and other collective shadows. The spider’s message is certainly a metaphor for all of us and not just for me, to stop, look, and listen. But before I say much more about the spider’s message, in Part 2 of this 7-part series I will give you a bit more of my personal context for why I am writing about this now.

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