The heART of intuition, Part 8: The final frontier is within

This is the last post in this mini-course, so let’s review the concepts we’ve covered. You can use this list as a review but I suggest you also meditatively reflect on what each one of them means for your life. Journal about them to help you internalize them, and start applying them to guide your life.

Some concepts that summarize this mini-course

  • Listen with your heart and not your head.
  • Speak before you think
  • Feel first, think later.
  • Speak your feel.
  • Quiet your mind and open your heart.
  • Learn to “go within” and thus you will never be “without!”
  • Learn to “see” from the inside-out and you will thus “see” the whole picture. You no longer need to skim the surface of life, but now you can jump all the way in.
  • The true treasures of life are free, but invisible to the physical eye and unknown to the overthinking mind. Come learn to “see” again.
  • The final frontier is the journey within.

The opening heart is the most beautiful flower of all.
The greatest beauty in the world is compassion,
Love shining free from attachment and grasping.
– Tharthang Tulku

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