The heART of intuition, Part 4: Where is your reference point?

If you haven’t already, please go back and read parts 1-3 of this series. The lessons are short, but please do not rush through them. Use them as an opportunity for contemplation, growth and healing.

Where is your reference point? Is it within you or outside of you? Who do you use as your authority—yourself or another?

Do you use your Self as your sole reference point or do you use others? In other words, do you check in with your Self first or do you always go without (i.e. you trust the opinion of others more than your own) in making decisions, big and small?

In order to access your intuition and access your Self, you must “quiet your mind and open your heart.”  There is no other way. And when you do this, you experience the silence that is left when all your relentless thinking and emoting quiets down. It is in this silence that you can hear your Self. 

By learning how to shift into this internal space—this intuitive space—you are not only accessing your intuition, but are also learning how to be true to your Self; thus, you end up hearing and listening to your Self and to no one else. You begin to use your Self as your internal reference point. There is no other true reference point but You— inside You; you now recognize and listen to your own voice. You become the author and authority of your life.

In other words, intuition isn’t just simply being able to say, “Wow, I see my guides,” or “I was King Tut in my last lifetime,” or whatever other kind of woo woo thing you might think it is. It’s actually an opportunity to come to know You—to come to know Thou—the Divine that is You—the essence that is You, and to be “True to Thy Self.”

If you follow any one other than your Self, you will surely get lost.

We’ll continue next week with part 5 of this 8-part series.

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