Living as a vibrational being, Part 4: Living with greater compassion

So, let’s look more closely at what was going on energetically in the situations in the previous blog post.

Each of the people in these situations has their own energy signature. Imagine for a moment what was happening energetically as you sat at your desk while all this was going on. Your energetic body was feeling the waves of energy moving towards you well before they reached you. When the waves arrived, you sensed not only the force of the energy of the individuals involved, but, as well, you energetically experienced their thoughts and feelings. All these vibrations, negative and positive, came towards you and you experienced them on a vibrational level.

The only problem with all this was that you were not conscious of what you were “picking up” on energetically because you were not looking for it. You were not sensing it. So, you were very vulnerable to being drained. 

As a vibrational being, your energy body has a reaction to these energetic forces coming towards you. This is where your ability to make choices comes into play. Often when energy comes at us that is forceful and of a lower vibration, we usually unconsciously match the vibration we are receiving in order to reach a balance with the “invading” energy. So, in other words, when situations like the ones described above occur, we send out an emotional energy, consciously or unconsciously, in order to accommodate the new vibration we are receiving.

The difficulty with all this is that we often tend, out of habit, to match the lower energies instead of rising above them. We often take the “low road” instead of taking the “high road.”  We default into the lowest common denominator.

But we are very capable of adapting to situations in a way that chooses the highest energies. We can learn over time that we do not have to match the lower, forceful vibrations of others, but we can instead hold a vibration that is in balance and in harmony. This comes with practice and by being very energetically conscious of what is going on.

So, to accomplish this, you need to be very intentional and conscious in how you choose to respond to the energies of situations and people. You can let the lower energies simply pass through you instead of allowing them to “stick” to you. You can keep your vibration high by being conscious of the energetic dynamics of the situation you are in.

You can now integrate this “way of being” into all the interactions in your life. Understanding the energy dynamics in your life is the key to your full awakening and happiness. As well, you can also assist others with their own spiritual growth if you open your heart, trust your feelings and understand the energetic dynamics between you and others.

Additionally, as you open to being a vibrational being, a dramatic shift will occur because you will gain greater compassion for people. When you view the energy involved in a situation it will become less and less about what “he said, she said” or “me and them” or “right and wrong” and more about sensing the energy of the situation you are in.

We can help remove the confusion and judgments in our life by living as the vibrational beings that we really are. Then we’ll know what is in fact going on and will truly live an authentic and empowered life.

There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all,

beyond the heavens, beyond the highest heavens.

This is the Light that shines in our hearts.
 Chandogya Upanishad

This is the fourth and final part of a four-part blog.

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