Living as a vibrational being, Part 3: Choose your vibration; choose your experience.

(This is part 3 of a 4-part blog.)

In this blog post I offer examples of a series of situations that I feel could be instructive to help you to learn how to shift your way of perceiving and experiencing your world into a more energetic or vibrational way of being. Actually, learning how to “feel” your way through life rather than think your way through life can be very practical as well as liberating.

Here is a real-world example: You routinely walk into your place of work one morning and sit down at your desk and begin your normal work regimen. Within a minute or so a co-worker comes up to you and starts to very negatively complain about the boss and she just won’t stop. She is very intense and totally preoccupied. There is no stopping her, you can’t get a word in edgewise.

As this is going on, you have a choice to either join your co-worker in her vibrations of negativity and anger by joining in the conversation or you can step back and instead do your best to neutrally witness her behavior. Rather than getting caught up in the same negative vibrations which will only drain you and bring you down—no matter how justified they may seem—you can choose to hold a higher vibration and stay out of the fray. Or you can join in and get all riled up and expend and waste a lot of misdirected energies.

Now to continue the saga, a few minutes after the first co-worker leaves another co-worker comes by and starts ragging very negatively about the person you were just talking to. As this begins to happen, again, you have a choice to either join him in his vibrations of negativity and jealousy towards her or you can simply let him blow of some steam for a few minutes and then go back to work. He can either become a significant part of your experience that day or the experience with him is simply just a passing blip on your screen.

Next, he leaves and you finally get back to your work only to discover that your computer is frozen and you can’t get any work done. So, again, you have a choice to either get all bent out of shape about it and choose a series of negative currents of energy to jump into—victimhood, being overwhelmed, anger, etc.; or you can choose to accept what is happening as part of the flow of what working with computers is all about and simply get someone to fix the computer while you get some other work done.

If the above examples don’t exactly apply to you, I’m sure that you have had similar ones happen at times.

As vibrational beings we choose the vibration that we resonate with. It’s all a choice. We can choose to be conscious and intentional with regard to the energies we engage with and focus on or not.

Please note that if you had chosen to get all embroiled in the “drama” of the above three scenarios, you would have felt drained and exhausted within the first half-hour of your work. On the other hand, if you had stayed centered and in a high vibration, you would be fresh, clear and sharp and full of energy for the rest of the day.

We either attune ourselves to the highest energies; or we don’t. Our environment doesn’t determine our experiences; what we chose to focus on does.

We choose the vibration we resonate with by virtue of what we focus on. We see what we are looking at and what we are looking for. It’s all about vibration and where we focus our attention. It’s all a choice.

We can evolve into conscious creators; that is, the conscious choosers of the vibrations/energies we interact with.

This is the evolutionary path we are on. And as we develop the “heart-mind” that White Eagle speaks of, we accelerate our growth and enhance and enrich our experiences of life. It’s all an inside job!

When you have learned to think with your heart instead of with your brain,

you will have taken a great step forward.

The humanity of the future will think with the heart-mind,

for intuition is the next sense which will be developed in humankind.

This is the third part of a four-part blog.

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