More exercises for using your intuition to gather information

Small is the number of those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts….Albert Einstein

For the last few weeks I have been sharing ways to develop your intuition, such as practicing anticipating events, connecting with objects and experiencing objects’ perspective, and sensing people’s inner states. This week we cover more ways to practice. You might want to go back and review the previous posts.

In time, as you keep working with your intuition, you’ll come to realize that everything is a “feeling.” Thus, in time, you’ll remember to always place your awareness into things to discover how they “feel” instead of mentally trying to figure things out from surface impressions and judgments.

So, to further refine your intuition why not approach how you understand things in the following way: How does this tree “feel?” How does this situation at work “feel?” How does this person “feel?” How does a crow “feel” as it flies? How does this business proposal “feel?” Is it safe, crooked, something else? So, how do things “feel?” 

Asking yourself how a situation, object, or person “feels” is the initial step in learning how to access your intuition. This is the basic training. Note that this system is not foolproof, for sometimes your perceptions get cluttered with your beliefs, projections, analysis, etc.. The more you use your intuitive faculties, the more accurate, honed, and sensitive they become.

So, how does the crow feel when it flies? Take a few minutes to close your eyes and become one with a crow and see what it has to tell you.

And how does this person you just met feel? Take a few minutes to close your eyes and sense what he or she has to tell you energetically.

Remember that for you to develop your intuition, you must exercise it! So, quiet your mind, open your heart, and take the time to feel.

“Open for Me slightly your heart and I will open the world for you.”
The Zohar

When you think with your mind, you seek answers to your questions. 
When you feel from your heart, the questions dissolve into answers.

…To be continued next week. This is part four of a seven-part series.

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