It’s all new: A morning meditation

A new day, a new beginning! It’s all new. If we just stop, breathe, and notice, we can realize that nothing is the same as we left it. Even though our daily routines make us think it is all the same, it never is nor can it ever be.

So, we can exult in the “newness” of every moment of every “routine” and know that it is all fresh, new and joy-filled. There is always a “new Now” to experience. As we realize the newness and freshness of every moment, we come to appreciate and experience the wonder and beauty of it all.

Thus, you may want to say to yourself: “I really want to bring this sense of newness and freshness into all I do from now on. I want to just stop, breathe, and appreciate; I want to savor. I want to be present for each moment’s gift, for each moment’s newness.”  

There can be no greater joy or contentment than to be filled with the richness of each moment. If one reaches and strives for a hoped-for fulfillment in the future, one will always come up empty-handed. There is only the present. Let us seize each and every moment and be filled to overflowing with all it has to offer. Let each moment reveal its gifts to you! Be present and it will! Open the “present” it has to give you.

To allow yourself to experience the newness of a moment, try this experiment: Whenever you can, take a few moments to stop what you are doing; take a couple of conscious, slow, deep breaths; and then become aware of your body by doing a slow body scan from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. This will help to bring you into the present.

Then focus on your inhalation and just imagine that you are breathing in “newness,” “freshness,” and “joy.” And on the exhalation, imagine that you are releasing old, stagnant, crystalized, and mutated energies. Continue focusing on your breath and your breathing. Breathing in all that is new and fresh and joy-filled and releasing on the exhalation all that is old, worn, and stagnant. After a few moments of doing this, you will be in the present and able to receive its gifts.

You only see what you are looking for; you only get what you focus on. So what has your attention? Some regurgitation of the past or unconscious projection into the future? Or the gift of the present?

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