You are an emperor, not a beggar

You are an emperor, not a beggar.
You possess the untold wealth of the universe, unimaginable riches.
Don’t beg for enlightenment, don’t plead for it.
You are the Self, don’t assume that you are impoverished.
Give up that yearning and be quiet and
the treasure will be self-evident as your very nature.

Author unknown

“We are all gods and goddesses in training,” wrote Deepak Chopra.

We have come forth to explore and manifest that potential within us.

We have come forth to be a god/goddess in finite form and to anchor and embody an aspect of the infinite Love and potential that is within our Source.

We are here to unravel the mystery of who we are.

We are here to discover the majesty of who we are.

We can never fail; we have success written all over and within us.

It is encoded in our DNA, in our eternal, hard-wired template.

We are chips off the old holographic block. We are made in his/her Image. We are co-creators.

When we enter the Silence, deep from within us a feeling rises, a “knowing” of who we really are.

And in this place of clarity, we “know,” beyond any doubt, fear, or limiting belief system who and why we are.

We know that we are of noble stock and heirs of all that is great and good.

“Be still and ye shall know.”

The strongest tree has the deepest roots. Dig deep, deep within and you will find and come to Know thy Self.

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