The heART of intuition: Live from the inside out, Part 6

Speak before you think. Feel first, think later. Speak your feeling. Talk your feel.

Intuition is really a gift. It truly makes it possible for you to know who you really are. The difficulty in defining it—the difficulty in working with it—is that it’s not something you “do.” It’s something you “allow” to come through you. You can’t “do” it with your mind; you simply allow it to flow through your heart. It reveals itself as inspiration and not as perspiration. It’s a “non-doing.”

When I teach my intuition classes I tell my students, “Don’t think; speak before you think.”  Your parents may have taught you to, “Think before you speak.” But in the case of intuition, you must, feel first, think later; feel first and speak your feeling. 

Again, intuition is not a cognitive exercise, it’s not a striving, it just flows through you in an inspired way. You start speaking your “feel” and you have no idea where what you are going to say next will go. You follow the “golden thread” of your feelings. It’s not scripted; it’s inspired. It comes from the heart and not from the head. And, if you allow it, it weaves a beautiful tapestry of meaning and purpose right there before your eyes.

But it does require you to learn to trust in and listen to your higher Self, which is the creative, inspired part of you, rather than the limited, scripted, calcified part of your ego mind.

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