Perfection over illusion, Part 5: Know and be Thy Self

This is part 5 of a five-part blog post. If you haven’t already, please go back and read parts 1 to 4.

Here are more phrases, thoughts, and understandings that I’ve used over the years to create peace, joy, and empowerment in my life.

8) Go within over and over again and open to the experience of the God presence and thus you will be free of your suffering. This is how you can attain “perfection over the illusion.”

Take time to regularly sit in meditation and there in that silence, where the ego mind is still and your heart is open, you will be filled with the presence of God/Goddess. There you will know who you really are and without a doubt you will know deep within you that you have eternal everlasting value. You will also know that that value is inherent in you and in every living creature. 

There is nothing you need to do or become or possess in this lifetime in order to realize your value. You are already THAT. You are God/Goddess in finite form who has taken on a temporary personality in this lifetime in order to manifest, experience, give, receive, and embody love. Period.

That’s why you are here. It’s not complicated. By realizing this, you attain “perfection over the illusion” and you know your eternal value.

It’s not about what we do with our lives that matters the most; it all about who we become. So, open your heart and quiet your mind regularly and consistently and you will then come to truly “know and become Thy Self.”

But to attain this awareness you must take the time to go within over and over again so that you can touch in with “reality,” that is, with God/Goddess. Otherwise the world of illusion will drag and beat you down and you will forget who you really ARE and how much power, potential, love, and wisdom resides in you.

9) Will a different reality

What you expect, you receive and experience. Whatever you are looking for or looking at is what you see. Use the power of your mind to see the best in all and in yourself and you will experience the best. Keep your thoughts clear, pure, loving, intentional, and purposeful by using your will and you will create a new reality. Be clear and you will have clarity.

You are not a victim. Look at your thoughts and the predominant emotions that you have and if any of them are of a low quality, change them. You and only you have the strength and power to change them, and you can.

You are a powerful creator. You created what you don’t want. What makes you think you can’t create what you do want?

You create your reality.
You create your experiences.
You give them meaning.
You get to choose.
You are a Master of your Life!

I hope that these reflections have been helpful to you. 

We really do create our reality and give meaning to our lives and experiences by the way we choose to interpret them and the perspective we choose to bring to bear upon them. Our happiness does not arise from anything we do, but by virtue of what we believe and think. 

Do you live by choosing to experience your life through the eyes, heart, and light of your soul? Or do you choose to live by sulking in the shadows of your ego?

Take the time to reflect on these things. You’ll be very grateful you did. You will gain perfection over the illusion and will, thus, claim and embody the mastery that is your birthright.

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