Graduating from our beliefs, Part I: Live a life that is true to your Self

Stop believing in anything and you may find that which is truth itself.
— Krishnamurti

If you follow any one other than your Self, you will surely get lost.
— Yannni Maniates

A belief is a thought that you repeat over and over again. Eventually you no longer question its origin or veracity. As well, in time some beliefs become “belief systems” that large numbers of people swear and live by and no longer question. 

Which of your beliefs have you consciously examined and explored to determine if they are really “true” for you or not?

Eventually there will come a time in your internal growth process when you will realize that you need to drop your “belief systems” completely—yes, all of them—and I do mean completely. Our Higher Self or our God Self does not adhere to a belief system or to a set of doctrines. Its only reference point is the God/Goddess within. Its only authority comes from within. It is its own “author.”

In order to fully develop our potential, we must free ourselves of our existing beliefs. For it’s only then when we can hear and listen to our inner guidance that we will be led by that which is for our Highest Good and the Highest Good for all.      

In the beginning of our search for meaning and purpose we need structure—a system for our healing and growth. It is a natural part of our evolution. We cannot take our initial baby steps of growth without this structure. We need a common system just to communicate the concepts. But whatever the system, there is a tendency to turn the system into a set of rigid beliefs that “know it all.” And these beliefs then validate all those who believe in them. This is when we get stuck. This is when our growth gets stunted.

Each belief we subscribe to is meant to be a stepping stone to the next. It is not meant to be a permanent landing place. Life is an evolutionary process, not a stagnant one; so is the case with truth. We are meant to take a belief, digest it a bit, integrate it, and then make it our own; that is, take the best it has to offer us and then release the rest. Then, after a while, we move on and integrate a new belief and then another and so on, up the ladder.

So, what I am saying here is that it is necessary to transcend our belief systems one by one. And then at some point we come to a place where we release all beliefs and we live our lives from pure intention and intuition by simply being connected to the inspirations that come to us from our Higher Self. Thus, it is no longer our beliefs or those of others that create meaning, direction, and purpose in our lives; it is our connection with our God Self that does. We now live a life that is true to itself.

Cease trying to work things out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Let your whole life be led by inspiration and intuition. Let you whole life be a revelation. — Eileen Cady

Note: This is part 1 of a 2-part blog. 

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