Contemplate the infinite potential and possibilities that you are

We are One, immortal and timeless.


God and I in space alone
and nobody else in view.
“And where are the people, O Lord,” I said,
“the earth below and the sky o’er head
and the dead whom once I knew?”

“That was a dream,” God smiled and said,
“A dream that seemed to be true.
There were no people, living or dead,
there was no earth, and no sky o’er head;
there was only Myself—in you.”

“Why do I feel no fear,” I asked,
“meeting You here this way?
For I have sinned I know full well—
and is there heaven, and is there hell,
and is this the Judgment Day?”

“Nay, those were but dreams,”
the Great God said,
“Dreams that have ceased to be.
There are no such things as fear or sin;
there is no you–you never have been—

there is nothing at all
but Me.”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

You are an infinite fullness, a field of latent possibilities from which all emerges.

Behind the universe moves this unnamable mystery. It is a pregnant state of love, energy, wisdom, and intelligence, ready to continually give birth to new forms and absorb old and wasted ones in order to give them rebirth in new form again.

This invisible, unnamable mystery and fullness is infinite possibility. The processes of change, transformation, and rebirth are the very fabric of this mystery and they occur in this field of potential and latent possibilities.

Contemplate the infinite potential and possibilities that you are. The “well of living waters” you have to draw upon is unlimited. You cannot and are not defined or limited by any role, experience, or lifetime you have had or are having. Allow yourself to experience and feel the full promise of who You ARE. Embrace the mystery and majesty of your Self. Enter the Silence. Meditate. Embrace the unknown. Embrace Thy Self. 

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