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Through my Flash Movies; Mini-Courses; Tele-Classes and Tele-Workshops; Email Courses; Books and Audios; Online Courses and Blogs and Podcasts, I will share with you what it means to "live from the inside out."

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If you follow anyone other than your Self, you will surely get lost.

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"The World is Blessed to have Yanni Maniates"

"Every once in a while, every once in a long, long while, you meet a person whose honor, kindness, spirituality and talents touch your innermost being. I was fortunate to meet one such person whose name is Yanni Maniates. Being around him gives you a feeling that all will be well. Reading his books, listening to his audios, or just watching his video productions fill you with hope and a feeling of peace and joy. I am fortunate to call this man my friend. The world is blessed to have him here at this time. Listen to what he has to say."

~John Harricharan,
award-winning author of the bestseller,
When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat
and the creator of the ground-breaking PowerPause system